Motion Potion Success Stories

Thank you very much. Given how much the Motion Potion has transformed my son’s life, I seriously get scared of the possibility of being without it!
Valerie, NSW
Casie, VIC
I have just started your product and find it very easy to take and that fact that it contains beneficial fibres, pre and pro-biotics it is to be highly recommended.
Kathleen, SA
This product is EXCELLENT!! :-)
Karina QLD
I have just started your product and find it very easy to take and that fact that it contains beneficial fibres, pre and pro-biotics it is to be highly recommended.
Kathleen, SA
I tried a sample from my health shop and it was great. nothing has worked for me since a bowel operation 2 years ago.
Sharon QLD
I have commenced using Motion Potion and it is a fantastic product.
Fantastic product!
Naomi QLD
I got the sample in a store to try and felt good immediately. I have a very sensitive system and react badly to anything artificial.You have created a great product.
Michaela NSW
I have recently obtained some of your samples of Motion Potion and just love the product. After having issues with my bowel from lower back injuries from a car accident I have now found a product that is making a huge difference to how my bowel is working on a daily basis. Your product is brilliant and have told many people how good it is. Congratulations and Thank you.
Jocelyn QLD
I have tried a small sample of motion potion and have already felt the benefits I would love to continue taking this product as it has already helped with the pain.
Laura VIC
I seriously haven’t felt this good in years!!!! It’s solid.....and I haven’t gone solid since my surgery back in 2004. (It feels funny discussing my motions but I guess you get it all the time). I’ve tried many products and have always given up after a month with no results. It seriously took 3 days for your product to work. I’m absolutely amazed as I was told I would most likely never be normal again. I have no problems recommending your product to anyone who asks and I’ve been raving about it all week. I ordered some product online on the weekend and I look forward to a long supply! Thank you, thank you, thank you!
Motion Potion has helped me so much, I have gone from struggling to pass a motion once a week to being very regular. Now I want to get my sister taking it and show her how great it feels to be REGULAR!!
Anne-Marie QLD
Love your product!
Corinne NSW
I have been taking Motion Potion for 2 weeks now and find it great. It settles my gut down.
I had a trial packet from my health food store. Over the three days I experienced a marked improvement.
Michael NSW
This product is absolutley fantastic it's made me feel well again, I never thought this possible, amazing!!!
Helen NSW
Motion Potion is fantastic, I am moving over to South East Asia in a few months time and I will continue to purchase Motion Potion - but online - I couldn't go anywhere without it.
Lynn QLD
Thankyou for creating such a gentle non aggressive nutritional bowel formula. I am very happy to be able to take this pleasant tasting formula everday. As I am now in my 60's It gives me a good feeling that I am contributing towards my own future good health. Thanks again.
Linda QLD
This stuff is awesome I tried the three day trial given to me at Tuggeranong health store and have told all my mates. And best of all it does not taste bad!
Patricia ACT
I tried a 3 day product trial of Motion Potion and I was impressed with how quickly I felt great! It made me realise I was sick of feeling "crap" and it's time to do something about it. Thanks for a product that has it all!
Serena NSW
A potion for motion is what I needed. Now that I'm back (in motion), life is so much better! I don't have to carry extra sh.t around with me anymore - a very good thing! Thank you.
Steph NSW
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